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English blog number 1- Hoaxes and disinformation

Blog about hoaxes and disinformations

                The topic of my blog is hoaxes and disinformations. These disinformations can cause harm. It mainly favour during pandemic situation. Propagation of disinformations cans be amerced with prison. Is this process right? I wrote a blog about the  topic because I inspired radio ”Slovensko” and broadcast ” Kontakty” This broadcast was broadcast live 17th January 2022 o 8.05 p.m.  with presenter Eva Sládková. Guests of broadcast were Tomáš Krišák ( expert in hoaxes and disinformations) and Tomáš Kamenec ( lawyer).

                Boom of social networking causes a  larger amount of disinformations and hoaxes. Hoaxes and disinformations were dangerous in the past. Present pandemic situation shows larger danger of these hoaxes and disinformations for community. The most effective form of protect is education of population. Education of population helps  to eliminate a disinformation and hoaxes. Justice Minister suggests   a stricter punish for propagation of hoaxes and disinformations but stricter punish for propagation of hoaxes and disinformations cans to eliminate a freedom of speech.

                Disinformations and hoaxes discovered  a people´s   vulnerability. The social  networking  are not suitable for solving of this problem. State institutions should help in this topic. Phenomenon of demoralisation of population is in Slovak republic.  Disinformations and hoaxes   became   a norm for specific part of Slovak population. Creating of hoaxes and disinformations is a political aid for many politics. The Slovak republic is bipartite. The first part of Slovak population is believed for standards and the second part of Slovak population is believed for hoaxes and disinformations. Standard´ s information  is objective right.

                Health hazard and life hazard is the biggest hazard in present pandemic situation. Hoaxes and disinformations doubt science´s processes. Propagation of disinformations and hoaxes destroys democracy system. This democracy system is in Europe, in Northern America and in some countries in Asia. This democracy system is not resistant for this force.

Question number 3- What are disinformations, hoaxes and conspired theories?

                Disinformation is a objective   false information. This information cans to confute. Hybrid threat is consisted of disinformations and hoaxes. It is peace´s hazard of democratisation of countries.         

Question number 4- What is difference between disinformation and false information?

                False information is an information which is false but propagator doesn´t  know  that are false.  Disinformation is an information which is false and propagator knows that is false. This propagator has got a specific agenda. This propagator spreads a disinformations  and hoaxes tamper. Disinformations and hoaxes  is an  information have got an  aim to harm a community. Racisms and people´s inequality can show a presentence of disinformations and hoaxes.

Belonging of broadcast was Daša Omastová and her report. This editrees make an interview with policeman. These policemen fight with propagators of disinformations and hoaxes.

                Relevant studies are important for topic of hoaxes and disinformations. This contents of articles controls people. These people are experts in topic of hoaxes and disinformations. Department of State published an educative videos. Contents of videos is information about foreign-political events. Reason of videos are conspiracy of people. Department of State prepares some online videos. Contest of videos is European Union and developing cooperation with OSN. Small group of people cans to constuprate a discussion. Slovak population should not resign. The commentaries watch people which are quiet. People should not ask a conspired people. People should not try to persuade these conspired people. People should try to persuade other people which are able to hear. People begin to write a constructive  commentaries. One lady persuades three  colleagues with videos.

Question number 5- Does a strict legislative or a better education help in this trouble?

                Active of state should be more intensive than now. Explaining should be suitable for adult people. People afraid and people are confused from present pandemic situation. The state should to provide a quality, right and verified information. Confused people believe a conspired people.

Question number 6- Did they exhaust all possibilities of education  in this problematic?

                The Slovak republic did not exhaust all possibilities of education in this problematic. The facilities of exhausting are education, strategic communication  and creating of friendly access at the hands of state. Mr. Kriššák agrees with Mr. Kamenec.  It requires a stricter  laws. It is important to speak about regulation. Facebook and Google should protect a freedom of speech and Facebook and Google should protect a social network user. Competent people should stop to propagate of disinformations and hoaxes. These disinformations and hoaxes are at variance with reality. Regulation of disinformations and hoaxes are the best solution. This regulation has got a form of laws and rules. The European Union prepares one project. This project is oriented for disinformations and hoaxes. Aim of this project is a better responsible of Facebook and Google. Disinformations and hoaxes should be less influential.

Question number 7- How legislative is in the present? Is this legislative sufficient?

                The body of the offence of propagated startler is not sufficient. This body of the offence is a longer time.  The Slovak republic has got a non-punishable regulation in the area of hoaxes and disinformations.  Justice Minister should penalise a propagators of disinformations and hoaxes.

Question number 8-  Mr. Kamenec  how are suggestions of Justice Minister Mária Kolíková?

                It is difficult to find a formulation which will protect a democracy. The criminal act of propagation of disinformations and hoaxes is for protect of democracy. We have to have an implement how fight with disinformations. It requires a deeper discussion.  Host believes that this formulation will be satisfied for a community. This formulation can´t bring a danger of free of speech.

Question number 9- Mr. Kriššák how are suggestions of Justice Minister Mária Kolíková?     

                This legislative is good because it does not penalise each person. People can lie but some people lie professionally. Democracy is not anarchistic concept.  People can´t   talk anything. Free of speech is a democracy immaterial institution. People can make a  decisions appreciations for a democracy immaterial institution. Reach and poor people can make these decisions. Each false information can to  destroy a free of speech. This person destroys an area of quality information. These quality  information help to orient. 

Question number 10- Is there a case when people are aware of   who is and who is not spreading  propagator of misinformation and hoaxes?

 It exists an objective reality. An adult person should differ good and bad things. Category misinformation is a category   which is new in Criminal Code. Misinformation and startler is a category wrong information. These information can cause an anxiety.

Question number 11- Did you meet with misinformation and hoaxes?

                Mr Krišak saw a hoax on Monday morning.  This hoax had 500 shares. This hoax was about girl who is a fictional character of Covid department. Hoax should cause alarm that the situation is serious. The reality was different. All people were actors. This woman worked for German hospital. This video was suitable for medic students who worked in Covid department.  Mr Krišák tried to persuade people who spread this hoax. These people were aggressive. These people tried to persuade that present pandemic situation is a  nonsense. These people should persuade after meeting with woman from Germany.

Question number 12- How method does it use in this topic? How should  the law in this topic?

                All troubles can´t solve using of law. It is need to differ a political discussion and  spreading hoaxes and disinformation. Very important thing is a strong regulation of investigation. These people have to keep me updated about risks   truly.  This regulation exists really and this regulation is robust. People are not able to read 17 pages. It punishes example a misleading advertising.  This misleading advertising is not a criminal act.

Question number 13- Why do you find reasons of spreading of hoaxes and disinformation?

                Reasons find among this ideas. Politics create an internet pragmatic arena. Many politics grow when these politics spread a disinformation and hoaxes.

Question number 14- How statutory text  should be written?

                There are a lot of criminal acts which does not have a physical consequences. Institutions discover a deliberate commit of criminal act.

Question number 15- Is it possible to change hoax for right information?

                Host did not hear about this case. This case cans be reassess. Many other criminal acts are reassess and perpetrators of criminal acts are released. Host does know to imagine that these disinformation and hoaxes will be true.         

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